97X - Rumblings from the Big Bush

Mark Griffin: Superfan and Mixmaster

November 20, 2019

Mark Griffin tuned in to 97X as a teenager, and "the future of rock and roll" shaped his future. As he says in a great blog post about the stationThroughout life, but perhaps most profoundly in our youth, we encounter things or people that click on a cellular level—a movie; a book; a group of friends that awakens, challenges or reflects our feelings or worldview in ways that help define our identity. For me, it was a radio station.

Dave and Damian talk with Mark about how he ruled his high school art room with an iron fist... and why that iron fist never had a digital watch on its wrist. And we learn why (and how) Mark painstakingly assembled 14 hours worth of song mixes from 97X circa 1985.

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