97X - Rumblings from the Big Bush

Rob Fetters is never boring

April 30, 2020

In this coronavirus "Local Lockdown Lixx" bonus episode, singer/songwriter/guitarist Rob Fetters (The Raisins, The Bears, psychodots and solo releases) talks about the free house concert live streams he's been doing every weekend, provides some Zen guidance on how to cope during COVID craziness... and tells the tale of the time long ago when Ted Nugent ("The Motor City Madman") brought him from darkness to light.

You can find links to Rob's upcoming house concerts via his website, RobFetters.net. You'll also find links to the YouTube recordings of previous shows, and a great video for his song "Not the End." 

(Due to scheduling conflicts, Dave couldn't participate in this interview. You're stuck with the schmuck.) 


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