97X - Rumblings from the Big Bush

Rowdy Rob Ervin: Radio Raconteur

January 11, 2020

Rob Ervin (also known as "Rowdy Rob" when he hosted Gridloxx) worked as a part-timer at 97X in the 90s. He also co-hosted the Chris & Rob Late Night Talk Show on WAIF-FM and later was part of the writing staff and cast of characters for the Gary Burbank Show on WLW-AM. But wait, there's more... Rob led the local bands Monkey Biscuit and the High Strung Lifters. Oh, and he wrote for the Hamilton Journal-News, was a substitute teacher, and led historical tours in Cincinnati. Find out how Rob got his 97X gig via a lumberyard, why he once was suspended from the station and much more in his chat with Dave and Damian.

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