97X - Rumblings from the Big Bush

The world’s youngest weatherperson, trivia winner and wacky bits

September 12, 2019

97X was a small but mighty station in many ways. Being on the outskirts, in the fringes, left of center, off of the strip (to paraphrase Suzanne Vega) with a small (but dedicated) listener base allowed us to get away with stuff that other stations couldn't or wouldn't do. Not just with our music playlist (or lack of a playlist, really), but also with the other stuff that made its way to our airwaves, like having a 5th grader do the weather report, doing live "remote" broadcasts from the lobby, throwing birthday parties for Abe Vigoda and sharing secrets from romance novel cover model Fabio. Dave and Damian chat with the weatherperson, play some bits, and also announce the winner of the 97X 10th Anniversary "name the 4th band" contest.

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